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Gwenstival V – 2014 – MAPS


Line up

Fedora Saura (CH)
The Pussywarmers (CH)
Elephant Stone (CA)
Zayk (CH)
Niton (CH)
Atomic (S)
His Electro Blue Voice (I)
Phantom Love (I)
Second Stop is Ebikon (CH)
Fai Baba (CH)
Zeus! (I)
Coco Bryce (NL)
Souvenir de Tanger (PL)
Facial Index (PL)
Brutaz (CH/PL)
Urban Junior (CH)
John Schooley (USA)
The Blues Against Youth (I)

Gwenstival IV – 2013 – Interferenze


Line up

Stanley Brinks and the Flying Kaniks feat. Freschard (F/NO)
Prince Rama (US)
100Filmów project (PL, CH)
Regal (F)
Fedora Saura (CH)
Eternal Tapestry (US)
Buvette (CH)
Primasch and The Tzigan Dreams’ Collector(CH)
Awesome Tapes from Africa (US)
Edible Woman (I)
SuperTempo (I)
Zentralheizung of Death (D)
The Feeling of Love (F)
Ninos du Brasil (I)
Frank Gossner – Voodoo Funk (D)
15.- chf / 10.- chf
Nick Porsche (CH)
SchAAak (D)
Young Fathers (UK)
Mujeres (E)
Cheveu (F)
Jordi Fresco (CH) Dj set
Gelba (I)
Bruital Orgasme (B)
Rocky Wood (CH)
Za! (E)

Gwenstival III – 2012 – Without hairs on the tongue

gwenstival 2012
Line up

Jagwa Music! (Tanz)
Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyards (Us)
Stanley Brinks (Us)
Freschard (F)
Broken Heart Collector (Slo)
Dead Western (Us)
Hell Shovel (Ca)
Le Pécheur (F)
X-Mary (I)
Mein Sohn William (F)
Roy & The Devil’s Motorcycle (Ch)
Pop X (I)
Walter Leonardi & Paolo Li Volsi (I)[/one_half_last]

Gwenstival II – 2011 – Questo è per le vostre orecchie, sabotatori!


The Chap (Uk)
Za! (E)
Gablé (F)
Bob Log III (Us)
C. Gibbs & Lucinda Black Bear (Us)
Grass Widow (Us)
Sexomodular (Ch)
Catholic Spray (F)
Camillas (I)
Mrs. Borroughs (Ch)
Zapoppin’ (Uk)
Hubeskyla (Ch)
Dans La Tente (Ch)
There Will Be Blood (I)
Ad Hoc (Ch)
Movinground (Ch)
Supertempo (I)
Arne Nonerac e Fedora Saura (ch)
The Bomb & The 85th Koala (Ch)


Gwenstival I – 2010

Line Up

So Cow (Ire)
Michele Bombatomica Cheap’s Orchestra (I)
Peter Kernel (Ch)
Wellington Irish Black Warrior (Ch)
Seditius (Ita)